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The Maker Minded

The Green Woodworker Podcast: Episode 002 Ryan "macnwood" MacDonald

Mar 31, 2017

Ryan MacDonald of macnwood is today's guest on The Green Woodworker Podcast. A rising star on Instagram, Ryan is a Canadian maker with a story of triumph that is sure to inspire. Husband and father of two, Ryan shares his thoughts on what it means to be successful today on TGWPodcast. Be sure to give Ryan, aka...

Mar 25, 2017

On this episode of The Green Woodworker Podcast we interview Matt Cremona. Well known in the maker community, Matt is passionate about all things wood. From harvesting the timber to building the mill to prepare it for use in his handcrafted pieces, his dedication to his craft is evident.
Once you are introduced to...

The Green Woodworker Podcast: Episode 000 Intro

Mar 19, 2017

  The Green Woodworker Podcast: Episode 001 Intro In this episode, I briefly explain what The Green Woodworker Podcast is all about. Please subscribe and leave a five star rating! Thanks Everyone!