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The Maker Minded

Dec 8, 2017

This week on The Green Woodworker Podcast, I have the pleasure of chatting with Rory, one half of the fabulous team from Rory and his amazing wife Audrey, have put in many hard hours growing a business in a market that is pretty hard to have success in. Today, Rory tells us how he and Audrey manage a full time business, home schooled children and a marriage all at the same time. Listen in today as we hear some great advice and wisdom from a couple that are doing what many of us want to do one day on The Green Woodworker Podcast. Be sure to visit Audrey and Rory at Woodand, Instagram, and Facebook Check out this weeks featured maker Richard, at tenspeedtears is an incredible craftsman building teardrop trailers by hand in Knoxville TN. Be sure to give him a follow! Also visit the podcast on Instagram and Facebook! If you'd like to help support the podcast by grabbing a cool tee, send me a message today! Want to help support the podcast on a more consistent basis? Head over to and see what rewards are available for you! You can also help the podcast by using one of our affiliate links to the products and services you already use. It doesn't cost you a cent! Thanks for listening!